Monday, January 31, 2011

12th Man Etiquette

I'm sorry to make my second post one thats a little bit on the heated side, but I just have to get this out. If you're at an Aggie game and you are not a member of the opposing team, you should not be bad mouthing your team. The guys sitting behind me at tonight's t.u. game did just that. Now even I make comments in jest like "Put Tannehill in" or something along those lines, but nothing like these guys were saying. I heard "maybe we should just throw in the towel," or "I don't know why we put this guy in, he sucks at basketball. Every little break in the action where people could hear them, they'd say something. First it started out where I would make snappy little remarks after what they said, but by the last 7 minutes of the game I was getting sick and tired of their two percenter attitude. So when they said "What are they reviewing now?" during a time out I snapped and yelled back, "To see if its possible for you to shut the hell up!" not my proudest moment but you know these things happen.

Long Story Short, please be a good sport no matter how we're losing, because that's just how things are here.

Thanks and Gig 'Em

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